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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What Exactly Is A TeleSession and What Should I Expect?"
A TeleSession is a scheduled consultation with Rick by telephone. Although an in-person (Session) is an opportunity for Rick to share thoughts and validations, scheduling and location may not be available for you and Rick. In the comfort of your own home, the TeleSession begins with Rick briefly sharing about his own life experiences, information on how he connects, and if meant to be - loved ones in spirit will share their acknowledgement and validations through comfort and direction. Near the end of your consultation, there will be time for you to ask questions.

"How Many Can Attend My TeleSession?"
TeleSessions are scheduled for 1 attendee.

"How Long Does A TeleSession With Rick Last?"
We recommend that you reserve approximately one hour for your TeleSession.

"How Should I Prepare For My TeleSession?"
It is best if you find a comfortable and quiet atmosphere void from distractions. Nothing paranormal about this, just simply for you to have the opportunity to fully focus on the consultation and receive the most benefit for you. We also recommend that you prepare for your TeleSession at least 10 minutes before your scheduled consultation. Have your notepad and pen to document your TeleSession (The LifesGift Journal at LifesGift Publications is an excellent tool). The messages and direction received may be a validation for you at a later time in life and/or a valuable review. Many have shared with us how the messages were later validated, and they were pleased that they had documented the consultation. Voice recorders are also allowed to be used during a consultation.

"So What Is The Charge For A TeleSession?"
For TeleSession consultation rate information and more, click on the 'schedule TeleSession' button. If you have additional questions, our Client Services are here to assist.

"How Do I Schedule A TeleSession?"
To schedule your TeleSession consultation with Rick, click on the 'schedule TeleSession' button. If you have additional questions, our Client Services are here to assist.

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