What Is A Continuing Guidance Consultation Package?

Many of our clients share that after a Session/Telesession consultation with Rick, they have general questions, validations they feel a need for advisement, and/or advisement and choice directions to move forward in life.
The Continuing Guidance Consultation Package is a 30 minute per month advisement consultation with Rick via telephone or SKYPE video. In each guidance consult, you will provide questions and/or validations for Rick's insight, which may include:

*General questions regarding life and the life-after
*Direction insight for your life in specific areas (CGC Life Direction Program)
*Support through emotions of grief

When Are The Continuing Guidance Consultations Scheduled?

The CGC with Rick are scheduled on each continuing month based on your package selection. The Continuing Guidance Consultation will be scheduled on Mondays on a 30 minute basis (CGCs are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm ET). Scheduled times are based on your schedule and the CGC availability.

What Types of Continuing Guidance Consultation Packages are Available?

There are three different types of packages. You choose the package that is best for you.

*Package 1: One time After
*Package 2: Three time After (Recommended for the Life Direction Program)
*Package 3: Ongoing After

One Time After: A 30 minute CGC via telephone or SKYPE video within 30 days after your Session/Telesession consultation. This is recommended if after a session you have a few follow up questions.

Three Time After: 3 30 minute per CGC via telephone or SKYPE video scheduled each month for three months after your session/telesession consultation. This is alsorecommended for general life direction in the Life Direction Program (career, relationship, etc.).

Ongoing After: an ongoing 30 minute per CGC via telephone or SKYPE video scheduled each month after your session/telesession consultation, and you determine the number of months (minimum 4 months). This is recommended after a feeling of comfort after a session, but have questions and in need for ongoing support and directional consideration advisement such as support through recovery of grief from a recent loved one moving on, to reestablish a life direction, to build confidence, etc.

When Will I Have The Opportunity To Schedule A CGC Package?

Within a few days of your session/telesession consultation, you will receive an email with information on setting up your CGC package.

What Is The Cost For A CGC Session And How Do I Schedule An Appointment

Just click on the link below to schedule your appointment and the rates for each CGC Package.


Any additional information?

*The Retainer Consultation Package rates are for 1 attendee only.
*CGC Packages are only available for scheduling within 30 days of client scheduled session/telesession consultation. CGC Packages are scheduled each month after your session/telesession. No staggered scheduling will be available.
*CGC service is for advisement only. LifesGift, Inc. and Rick Hayes is not liable for the actions and decisions of the client or other.
*void where prohibited. other restrictions may apply.

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