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LifesGift receives letters each day from our friends who share their thoughts/validations after experiencing a Session/TeleSession consultation with Rick.

A Few Letters From The Month Of:October 2017

Thank you for meeting with us on October 18 and for all of your help with our ongoing issues. As always it is so good to spend time with you and see you again. Thank you again and take care--we will be seeing you soon. Sincerely," ~Donna and Shirley~

"Hey Rick this is Mark that you gave a reading to Saturday. I came home and had 4 readings to schedule! I guess the energy shifted after the reading. Thank you and Spirit for the insight." ~Mark~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:September 2017

"Rick has helped me with encouragement and guidance. I like how he has never told me what to do and has always reminded me that I have the freedom to choose. He also does a nice job of allowing me to have a heads up or prepare me for something that I have not thought about yet. He allows insight into what I should focus on or put my energy into in my life right now. Thanks Rick!" ~Mitch~ (Life Coaching Testimonial)

"What a wonderful 2 hrs. with Rick. I shed some tears, but I left feeling comforted and loved by those who have transitioned before me, those whom I cared about so much when they were still here on earth. What an amazing experience! I will be back. Thank you so much!" ~Deborah~

"HI I enjoyed my talk with Rick, he was very good. He told me things that he could not have known. Such as the fact I had a bottle of red wine in my fridge along with white wine in a non-clear bottle which was blue. I will be speaking with him again.
Thanks Rick you ROCK!!!!." ~Emma~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:August 2017

"Good Morning Rick. I've been intending to write and let you know some things that have happened since our last session. You warned me that something was going to happen with my brother and for me not to get involved. Well on July 4 he and his son had an altercation - his son attacked him while he was hopped up on drugs. Long story but the son was arrested and no contact etc so my brother is alone again - and I did not get involved.
Then the next thing I needed to correct was the part about Mom and the "sister." I guess I do/did have some half sisters as my father had a family before he had us - we are the second family. But Mom never met any of them while she was living so not sure that would be the "sister" that was being referred to.
Other than that, nothing else has happened but if it does, I'll let you know. I'll be seeing you before the end of the year ( or at least I hope to).Thanks!" ~Nancy~

"Our time with Rick was great. He tuned in to our loved ones who have passed on very quickly and was able to give us answers to our questions and he shared some things with us that inspired us. It is always a pleasure to have a session with Rick and have the spirits of our family join us." ~Sharron~

"Rick! Look what turned up! My grandmothers ring...and it was in a box it normally wouldn't be in just like you said!!!!! Amazing:)" ~DeeDee~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:July 2017

"I just happened up on your Facebook live chat!! Kudos to you for the comfort you bring." ~Teresa~

"My mom really enjoyed it. I think it made her feel better. During our session I noticed your laptop screen coming on and also your hallway light flickering. This is weird but I tried listening to my recorder and there was nothing on it and I know it was recording cause I looked at it during our session a couple times. I even tested it before our session and it was working. Also tested it after I couldn't hear anything and it all worked fine. Just weird! Maybe my brother did not want mom listening to the part of younger brother cause she does like to worry a lot. Could you send me some info on the one at French Lick coming up. I will have to see if I could work it in somehow. Again thank you!" ~Judy~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:June 2017

"I'm glad you wrote.You may not remember but my dad asked that I check page 23 in a magazine I had been reading. Long story short, it was a poem titled, Ghost Dog. It brought up many connections to my dad.The poem talked about growing up with protection of this breed of guard dog. I thought "still looking out for me". We also shared a love of animals.
Another connection I just thought of as I started to write, he read to me as a child, Mark Twain mostly. He could read poetry aloud which I don't do well, hard for me just to read it.
Thanks Dad. Thank you, Rick." ~Melinda~

" Rick was very interesting. I do have to say I thought the reading and our time was very well spent. As I said interesting. To say the least. I believe his concepts to conclusion or future are very interesting along with documented.I thought the reading or our time was well worth it." ~Steven~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:May 2017

"Rick,I would like to thank you for all of your help and encouragement.It has been a blessing." ~Carrie~

"Hi Rick, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your insight.What an amazing gift you have. I feel more at peace now than I ever have since my husband's passing. I will continue to find my place in life without him. I know I can do it because he helped me become a stronger person in the 25 years we had together. Maybe someday I will find love again, but for now, I'm going to figure out who I am.Thank you again. You're amazing." ~Sandra~

"Hi Rick! I just wanted to thank you again for seeing us today, it was a truly wonderful experience." ~Chuck~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:April 2017

"Hi Rick!I just wanted to message you & tell you that the card you told me to pay attention to, it was exactly what I needed! I thought it was all in my head, but the card showed me that it wasn't. So I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time after the gallery & after everyone left Saturday night to speak with me! I haven't been this inspired in a long time! I can't wait to meet you again!Thank you for an amazing event weekend!" ~Misty~

"I just want to thank you again for the peace of mind yesterday. It was great meeting you" ~Patience~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:March 2017

"Rick thank you so much for spending time with my friend and I! She was a little apprehensive and I was ready to find out some answers! I can hardly wait together with you again! I'm still trying to be more open, thank you again I really appreciate all you do for us!" ~Lisa~

"Hi, Rick! I was at the Group Session Sunday. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of hearing what my aunt that raised me (Mom to me!) had to say. We had a wonderful childhood with her and her husband, who we called Pa.They truly were, as you said, wonderful people. A few weeks before she transcended she only spoke of people who went before her--her 2 sons, her mother and father, and several of her brothers and sisters. I know they were visiting her and preparing her to join them in her next phase of life. To hear you say things confirming my beliefs left me feeling so happy and close to her again. I've missed her so much and look forward to seeing her when that time comes. Our meeting on Sunday was the second time I've seen you. Each time I left with positive thoughts. I observed that you make people feel good, even when they're sad! You make it a very uplifting experience and I just wanted to thank you. Your special ability is truly a gift and it warms my heart knowing you are sharing it with people like me. Take care!" ~Julie~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:February 2017

"Very fulfilling, those we feel we have lost I now feel that is not the case. Rick was very easy to be with. Very hard to put into words the positive effect I experienced. Thank you."~Carolyn~

"Hi Rick! Misty and I signed lease papers yesterday for our glass art business!!Thanks again for everything!" ~DeeDee~

"I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for being on the show with us. What a great response we got from our listeners.Thank you for the kind words you expressed about our show. We really appreciated them."~Maggie~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:January 2017

"You may well make a "believer" of me yet! I think that your hope is to connect people with the loved ones that they have lost, but I think that you go even further...I think you help people to connect with their own human hopes and needs here on earth.I don't think that anyone can really say where the line is between earthliness and heavenliness. I can't imagine life and death are so widely separated from one another. They seem to be such a small leap apart! I have truly appreciated all that you have shared with me and have come to value you "not" just as a conduit to the other side, but as a wonderfully valuable person and friend on "this side"!
Best Regards," ~Jennifer~

"Yes, it was very good and on top of it all, I enjoy Rick's personality.The session was more subtle than I thought it might be (I wasn't even sure anyone would show up for me.).I think the session is going to reveal things to me more with time.Rick, there WAS a very brief statement in Chapter 6 in the book on the laptop on the desk near the chair.It resonated strongly and immediately with me. It wouldn't have made sense to me if Dad had guided me there but since it was an unknown guide that pointed me there, I hear it.Thank you Rick and all." ~Janee~


A Few Letters From The Month Of:December 2016

"Good morning Rick, Thank you so much for our reading Thursday! I was online this morning and this popped up on my news feed. Maybe the sign from my grandma? I wanted to share her story with you. It's about 25 mins long but worth the watch. I also had a question about who the woman was that greeted her during her transition. She didn't have a sister but a best friend. Perhaps it was her? Anyways. Thanks again. It was amazing and I hope to talk to you soon." ~Andrea~

"Hi Rick, I got the house and you said to let you know when my daughter moved in and that has also happened. It has been really crazy with trying to work on both houses but I think it is getting better now. I want to thank you for your consults that help keep me in perspective. This is a new experience for me. Thanks again."~Linda~

"I just want to thank you again for today. It was a great thing for me to have more reassurance of what I was already pretty sure of and Mat has a little more spring in his step from getting to spend the afternoon with you. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with all of us" ~Jodi~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:November 2016

"Rick This is Staci met you Thursday night), my grandmas picture has not moved yet but when I got off work her slipper was in the doorway in my bedroom just as you said. just wanted to share, Thanks!"~Staci~

"Thank you so much for the consolation with Rick.It was very emotional in beginning but became very casual later on.Lots of questions popped up afterwards.Will do further in person sessions.
Once again it was very heart touching.Love and blessings" ~Ashok~

"Hey Rick,I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me at Parafest. You hit so many key points in this case and gave us a great base to build on. I'm so very grateful that you took the time to do my reading and I just wanted to be sure I told you thank you."~Brooke~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:October 2016

"Rick it was a pleasure meeting you and investigating with you tonight at the Haldeman Mansion.I also enjoyed the conversation on the drive to the investigation.It's not often that I run into someone that holds very similar beliefs to me.I will be sure to go to your website to schedule a reading for my wife."~Kent~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:September 2016

"You are an incredible guest on my show my friend! You made my job easy! Thank you again!"~Tim~ (radio host)

"Hello Rick, thank you for the consultation it was very helpful."~Sandra~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:August 2016

"Hello Rick,I watched your new video and loved it and your message is just as you always say when we meet: Believe and keep the Faith. You have been such a great help to me and my family and also several of my friends that I have brought to you and I thank you again for being there to help us solve some of life's mysteries and to understand some of our feelings, answer questions and communicate with those who have gone before us, but also you are a dear friend.Thank you for sharing this,"~Shirley~

"I receive my newsletter (Reunion) and also I have seen you and heard about your work on 'Do you believe' streaming television with Norene as the host. Good work sending you more positivity namaste" ~Paula~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:July 2016

"Rick, Thank you so very much for meeting with us on Thursday.Your insight & special communications with family & loved ones was remarkable as always & so enlightening. I can't begin to tell you how helpful your insight has been both in the past & on this visit as well.It was a delight to see you again and I so look forward to when I can schedule another visit with you or perhaps catch you at one of your events. As always--you say---Keep the Faith & I will. Without Faith--where would I be.Sincerely,"~Shirley~

"Our visit with Rick was AWESOME ! He is nothing like the other Mediums we have seen. His connection with our loved ones WAS THERE!!!No doubt!Thank you Rick for helping in the visit with Our Son oh and my Mom and others your time is PRICELESS !!!"~Pamela~

"Rick,I am sending you this picture because you asked me to when I received the rose from him. (different color rose on a red bush). Please thank him for me and tell him I love him and to send more signs."~Heather~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:June 2016

"Rick, When you talked about the 3 of hearts I was pretty sure who it was for. When I took her home we went in and the 3 of hearts was the second card on the top of the deck, just as you said. Will have to say her husband said now thats weird, laughs.. Everything you said was right on the money and was a blessing to all three of us. We have been so troubled by the events of her brothers death and dealing with the "roommate" and you confirmed all of our suspicions and now so much more comforted. Thank you so much."~Kimber~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:May 2016

"Hi Rick,I have so much peace after meeting with you today. I also have questions. Thanks!~Michelle~

"we were able to confirm that his grandpa did have a number of old license plates in their garage from his parents.
His brother also discussed with us that he is considering marriage again even though he has not had a good experience with it. He actually was thinking about that during our appointment yesterday!
Our doorknobs are loose like you said! There was also an issue with the bricks that we noticed thanks to the warning from the family in our home.
We have not had luck getting the children to play with the toys yet but you were correct about the placement of them on the shelf. We opened the one in the box for Anna and her siblings to play with"~Whitney~

"About 15 minutes before our session,the sound was still off on my phone. I was getting ready to charge it. Your name came up, but with a different background color than my usual calls.I tried to answer,and it disappeared. I checked missed calls, recent calls, and messenger calls. Nothing showed up.Dad and mom are so active here, I thought it might have been from them."~Cyndi~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:April 2016

ďI really appreciate the time and the insight that our sit down gave me. I hope to cross paths with you again.Ē from a friend who attended a Rick Hayes event

"Rick Just wanted to let you know how powerful and comforting your session was. If I only could take one thing from it would be how it helped my daughter deal with her loss but it was such more than that. You have such a blessed gift and thankful your able to share that with the world. I'm looking forward to connecting with you in the future. Once again thank you and you have a blessed day!"~Fawn~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:March 2016

"Rick, thank you so much for the time you gave myself and my daughter-in law with my son,her husband, her grandmother and, my father. I have walked through life doing Gods "Light Worker" job of helping those in need. My dreams are my connection from God, and I do "Believe". Continue to fulfill your wonderful gift from God, as there are so many people in this world who need the gift of God you were blessed with. It gives HOPE to those in need,
Respectfully," ~Va~

"My daughter and her husband met with you a few weeks ago. They were both amazed with your perception. Many things you told them made perfect sense. Many things could also be justified. I am still trying to find the keys that I was told to look for by my mom. I have always felt my momís presence and now I am assured that it is true. The last few days have been hard for me as I have been reliving the pain of loss from 17 years ago. My mom told you that I am lonely. How true. I just never wanted to admit it. I am happy to be alone but sad at the same time. I plan on meeting with you sometime this year. Bless you and all you do."~jodi~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:February 2016

"Rick, This message is such a wonderful gift from my dad. I agree that it is awesome to get this validation and it all makes perfect sense to me, which is even better. I remain strong in my faith and I think that the reason that it is so easy for me is because I sense their presence and feel their love around me.
I want to thank you for relaying the meaning of these cards because I did not have a clue as to what they meant.I am happy to say that I will be scheduling a consult soon. I am sending positive thoughts of energy your way. Until our paths cross again, be blessed." ~Lisa~

"Rick, Thank you for the wonderful session! I have a couple things to share with you now and likely more later after I talk with my family.When Grandma said to give the kids carrots it is because we buy the little packages of tiny carrots but they usually go bad before I hand them out. The laundry story is very real to me. I sometimes say a prayer as I walk upstairs with the tote because I'm very clumsy. When you said, "Has it been that long" it was in her cadence of speech and similar tone. I'm writing out notes from the session still and digesting the information. I can't wait to talk to my mother about this.
We were so very impressed with the validation that my husband's maternal Grandfather gave in his story about stealing 3 tires. You mentioned prohibition and oddly enough that was correct. My husband and I knew about the three tires before tonight so we were blown away. I will ask my mother about the keys. Since grandma kept insisting that was something that would validate this for my mother I'm sure it will. I did not find the painting with the single tree yet but I'm thinking my mother might have it and it might be that I'm going to get it. It might be one of the first paintings she had me paint.
Thank you very much for your time and sharing your gift. I will be back as soon as I can and I hope to bring other family members to you too. Thank you so very much!" ~Jesse~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:January 2016

"The session was great as always, good to hear from my family, still looking for the item from the old house but im sure I will sooner or later. My niece was not happy as she wanted you to tell her what she wanted to hear,we know it don't work that way,but she did listen, so maybe it will fall in place one day.
lots of love," ~B~

"Hi Rick Happy New Year! Today is 74 days!! I also started counseling again & seriously thinking about doing some volunteer work at hospice or a nursing home. I also have some money put aside to go see somebody about the future Dad talked about. I have a long way to go but I'm hoping to change. My life is so much better than it's been in a long time. Congrats on all the great things happening in your life. Have a great day.Thanks" ~A~


A Few Letters From The Month Of:December 2015
"I would like to say that I'm very much enjoyed my reading with Rick. He hit on a lot of things that were so true and amazed me with things I never knew about. He also gave me comfort in knowing that I am doing good with my dad and I don't have to worry about things that I used to. Such as losing my aunts wedding ring. Rick is always such a comfort to me with his tone of voice and calming demeanor. Thank you again Rick for your time and I hope to do more readings in the future." ~Lisa~

"Hi Rick...I just wanted to thank you so much for our visit yesterday.It was certainly a pleasure to meet with you and we definitely look forward to visiting with you again. You have a very calm, peaceful way of presenting your special gift.
Many thanks to you...for making the journey with us!!!
Best" ~Suzanne~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:November
"I was more than pleased. I feel I got the answers to a lot of my questions. And know my son is with me and ok has given me so peace. And Rick is one special guy, he made me feel like he was a old friend .just very easy to talk to."~Becky!

"Hello, Was nice meeting you this weekend at Cracker Barrel. I wish I had more time to talk to you. Would love to know how my father is doing since his passing 5 years ago. We was very close and it was crazy how everything happened. Again thank you."~Mandi~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:October

"Once again, Rick was able to connect my mom and I to lost loved ones. There were so many answered questions and validations that have left us feeling complete and loved. It is wonderful that Rick shares his gifts and is so willing to be of service to everyone. Rick you have brought so much peace to our life and have given us a chance to open up to our own gifts and feelings.
Keep being amazing!" ~Ashton~

"Thank You so much for Your insightful, kind and healing words! Everything You said is True and I Believe I can now let this go You are right - she is in a safe place; in a perfect place! You are such a light and I so appreciate everything! God Bless You!"~Kristina~

"Hey Rick! I just wanted to thank you again for the session with my family yesterday. It was a tremendous joy for all of us to be able to openly communicate with my cousin in spirit and other relatives.Looking forward to talking with you soon!"~Sloane~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:September

"Rick, Thank you very much for at least now I know which direction I am suppose to go even though the load is still a little heavy.My Aunt crossed over in 1975 and I had never heard from her before she told me to take her bible out of my cedar chest. She has inspired me to go back to try playing the piano. Thanks again!~Linda~

"Dear Lifesgift Team & Rick,I had a very positive experience with my Telesession. I was left with a very real comforting feeling of closer. I would recommend this experience to anyone who has lost a loved one!" ~Erin~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:August

"Thought I would let you know what happened.The fork with the prong up well it wasn't in my kitchen drawer but in my daughter's in Florida we are visiting her this week and I was the one that found it.Also after the reading at the Group Session when I came home there was a STRONG scent of after shave in my kitchen, wasn't my husband because he had been out mowing.ALSO never did look for that snake that was to be under that concrete block.Not gonna either.anyway this is what happened after my reading... have a great Saturday."~ Faye~

"Hi Rick, you had mentioned suspenders in our reading. I couldn't think at the time who wore suspenders. Right after our talk my husband brought in a picture of my grandpa with suspenders on.I couldn't believe it. I don't ever remember him wearing suspenders, You have an amazing gift! thanks so much!" ~kelly~

"Dear Lifesgift Team & Rick,I had a very positive experience with my Telesession. I was left with a very real comforting feeling of closer. I would recommend this experience to anyone who has lost a loved one!Sincerely" ~Erin~

"Rick, Thank you very much for at least now I know which direction I am suppose to go even though the load is still a little heavy. I know very little about graduate school but I guess I can find out. My Aunt crossed over in 1975 and I had never heard from her before she told me in the session to take her bible out of my cedar chest. She has inspired me to go back to try playing the piano.Thanks again!"~Linda~

"Dearest Rick-Look who appeared in my email first thing this AM!!! The "Bill" we discussed yesterday at length!!! I KNOW this was done by hackers, but...the timing was truly amazing!!! I may have to actually start least a little!!! Big Hugs" ~Jennifer~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:July

"Dear Rick,I hope this note finds you well.As promised I am attaching a picture of my daughter's drawing of my father. She drew two, always a single bird overhead. She says he likes birds and he comes to talk to her some times. He tells her that he loved holding her when she was a baby. He is happy and he loves her.
On a separate note I will tell you that, ever since I met with you - even though the majority of the session was directed towards my friend and we didn't have the opportunity to talk much - I feel an almost overwhelming sense of calm. This is not only completely counter intuitive for a Type A personality like mine; it is almost unsettling given that I am just now returning from Africa with virtually all of my life up in the air. Thank you for that!
I will second my father's thoughts in saying it was an honor and privilege to be in your presence.Warm regards" ~Korina~

"I really appreciate you talking with me .You gave me just the kick that I needed.I signed up for another semester of college and fully intend to see it through to the end. At that Mid-Ohio event actually I planned on telling my friend that I was going to drop out. It's very reassuring to have people that I care for watching out for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you and hope somewhere in the future i'm able to help you as you have helped me. Thank you Rick I'm glad to have met you and am able to call you a friend." ~ Josh~

"You gave my daughter and I a reading Sat. at the Mid-Ohio Event, my brother came forward and you said he said June. Well driving home Sunday out of the blue daughter said june is wee phils birthday. Which is my brothers one and only grandchild birth month. thank you again" ~Deb~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:June

"I totally loved my session with Rick. He is such a kind man and so easy to talk to. I hated to hang up! My friend will be making an appointment soon - I told her how great he is. I have been thinking about all the things Rick said all day today. He has an amazing gift and he was so gentle and kind. I am so glad I had the opportunity to talk to him. Thank you, Rick."

"Rick,Attached is the cemetery photo (my great grandparents & uncle) and the photo of my Grandpa.It dawned on me after we left that when you described him and made the mad face, that had to be Grandpa.We always called him "Grumpy". I think the brother you talked about may have been my Mom's brother, my godfather.
Something unusual about my video camera, it recorded for 51 minutes, stopped, then recorded for almost another 3 minutes before the battery ran out. I was more concerned about the audio so we had something to refer back to. We watched over parts of the video, the Angel and Believe plaque that are in the corner of the room go in and out of focus but the rest of the room stays in focus. The face on the Angel is a strange white blur throughout the video. I have recorded hours of marching band (actual marching and stand still) video and have never seen anything like this.If you would like to see it we'd be glad to bring it by sometime."~Tammy~

"Thank you, Rick. Your gift is amazing and can be so comforting." ~Rozanne~

"Rick,Thank you for meeting with me and sharing the messages from my family.I have a lot to think about and process.
Thank you" ~Janean~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:May

"I want to thank Rick for an amazing session. I have a greater sense of peace and comfort. During my session Rick mentioned the life directions program and said to send an email requesting information about this program.I appreciate learning more about this program.Thank you!" ~Debbie~

"What an absolutely marvelous point you make, Rick, about the metal box and walking through walls (in the latest edition of the Reunion Newsletter) Keep pointing out the truth!" ~Roberta~

"I thoroughly enjoyed me telesession with Rick on Thursday. I felt very comfortable during my session and felt that Rick genuinely cared about me and my loved ones who have passed.
I hope to schedule another session with Rick again soon, and Iím working on getting a group together to meet with him as well. Thanks for everything!"~Sylvia~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:April

"Dear Rick, Thank you for the reading you gave on Saturday.It was very accurate and to the point.There were a couple of things you said that I felt I ought to confirm:
During the reading, you said he said I touched his heart the first time he met me, and that he said I was his song. This is one of the songs he wrote shortly after we met. It's called, "My Heart Stopped Beating.May God bless you as you share your gift."In Friendship ~Pam~

"Rick, My mother and my sister(-in-law),and I were privileged to meet with you on Friday at your hotel in Ohio. This reading was so helpful for my mother. She has listened to the audio a couple of times and is constantly talking about the information she received. You have a wonderful, God-given gift. We are so thankful that you shared you gift with us. Again, thank you so much for sharing your gift with us." Sincerely ~Karen~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:March

Rick:"It was so very nice to meet you. Thank you for listening for me. I went home and checked the cedar chest. Several quilts are in there but the second one from the bottom was the purple one and on it I had written both my mothers and grandmothers names on it and below that I had written the saying Crossed over But Not Forgotten. Grandmother had embroidered the quilt blocks.I hope to visit you again in the future. The visit made me feel
lighter in body, mind and spirit. Thanks so much." ~Karen~

"Our session with Rick was fabulous as usual.Rick is such an uplifting person and we appreciate his caring thoughts and the guidance that he gives so generously as we go along life's pathways." ~Sharron~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:February

"I have had several sessions with Rick Hayes, and each time I am shown compassion as well as some amazing insights. The connection to my family that has passed on is just simply unreal! He connects to information that no one other than myself knows. Each and every time I feel validated that my loved ones truly are with me! His gifts are a blessing to those that he connects with."~ a friend~

"Rick.You said to let you know if you were right or wrong about the baby and to keep you updated. We have a grandbaby. Sorry it was a boy but you did say u you had a 50/50 chance of being right.Hope to come and see you soon. Trying to stay positive.I can never Thank you enough for the assurance that my dad is with me and is happy."~Janet~

"Rick,Thanks so much for the readings you gave us yesterday. I really appreciated the information I received from my mom and sister, and I'm sorry my mom kept butting in during others readings. She was quite vocal! Thanks!"~Nina~

"Hi Life's Gift team,I just wanted to say that I always find it a pleasure to speak with Rick, and I have always come away from a session feeling very positive and uplifted. Rick's insights have been valuable to me, and I can't thank him enough for sharing his gifts with the rest of us. I feel like I have been able to open myself up more to what lies beyond through hearing him and taking his word "Believe" to heart. February 4's session did not disappoint. I have had some health issues/concerns lately, and Rick relieved my mind about my main concerns. He gave me some valuable advice on what things I could do through helpful guidance he received. Again, I so appreciate Rick's willingness to share his gifts. I am always simply blown away by the things he says. I look forward to scheduling my next appointment.All the best"~Joni~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:January

"Rick,If it wouldn't be for the talent you have,we wouldn't be able to have such a great opportunity offered. Thanks for all you do!"~Beth~

Thank you so much rick I appreciate that you took the time to help me and understand it better. Im more excited to use my gift now my problem would be trying to stay calm and not scared.. im working on that tho. Ive been researching alot and thought it would be easier to understand if I asked someone who has experienced it. Thanks again!"~Krista~

"You just made my day!
I look forward to seeing you again soon. I'm hoping to set up a session soon, maybe a phone session. Cincinnati needs a visit from you! What a blessing you are. Thank you for sharing your gift and sharing your time." ~James!


A Few Letters From The Month Of:December

"Thank you Rick for taking the time to connect with her. I am very happy to hear she is at peace. It has been difficult on a few of us at work and I know they will be equally relieved. I hope her family will find peace in her passing soon." ~Michelle~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:November

"Hi Rick,Just wanted to thank you for sharing your gift and communicating with our loved ones. Itís such a comfort to know my dad is watching over my 4 year old daughter. Thanks again." ~Jill~

(From a Reunion Newsletter Subscriber) "Rick I loved your stories--very interesting one about the prison--those poor souls. There has to be nothing worse than mental anguish to the point of needing to be incarcerated either in a psychiatric facility or jail--so sad. They really need to build a monument for all of the poor people who died there as a special remembrance.
We recently built a new hospital and the old one (was the size of an entire city block) is going to be made into a large park. I believe this is so appropriate in honor of those who have gone before us on that hallowed ground. I hope to see you soon in the future if that can be arranged." ~Shirley~

"Saturday evening as I watched TV..suddenly had two loud Knocks on the Wall, from the corner of the room where I feel my Dad hangs around..Seemed like a "Sign" to me.Really Enjoyed our visit.Be well my friend
ps, I got up and one at the door." ~Terry~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:October

"Thank You for meeting with us today. It was so interesting. We have always had spirits around our family, in fact my mom, who was there today who was one of 8 children was raised in a "haunted house". A day I won't soon forget" ~Tonia~

"Hello Rick. I just wanted to let you know my daughter got validation. We were at your gallery event in September. It was my father that worked at ford that came thru for my daughter. You advised her to wait on looking for a car. You said he knows she has a lot on her shoulders and if she can wait two weeks that a car would come to her. Well this last Sunday (one week later), a car was given to her. Guess what kind it is? An older FORD mustang!! Please let others know how right on you were and they need to BELIEVE! We sure do. Thank you for all you do." ~Mindi~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:September

"Thank you so much Rick!
I am so thankful to have found you, I want to share you with everyone I know, and I have! Your gifts being so much peace." ~James~

"My niece is the one, who insisted that I have a session with Rick, they had been to see him and were really helped. I was so worried that my husband wouldn't come through, but he did and told Rick he wished he'd talked to him a year or so before, that it would have helped me a lot. It did help me so much, I still have my days but not like before. This last session I was so nervous before I got there, not sure why. This time my mom and dad (who passed when I was four) came through. I really don't remember him, so was shocked yet pleased. My husband also came through. .We had many laughs.
I also met a lady whom lost her husband 4 years ago, she was having a very hard time. I told her about Rick and that she could have a session over the phone, gave her info on "Lifesgift". Said, "she wanted to do this", so hoping she did.Thank you so much" ~Marge~

"Hi, I met with Rick last Thursday, I would like to share with him my son started talking on Sunday, and he said it would be very soon, he was right! And I am still searching for my recipe!" ~Ashtynn~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:August

"Rick,Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. It exceeded my expectations. Mrs. Z--- genuinely enjoyed the experience. R--- really listened to what you said and hopefully will reflect on things in the future. You gave him a lot to think about. R---, of course, was touched to hear from her husband. I was only there as organizer, but I came away with such a comforted feeling. I felt warm inside and full of energy. It's good to be reminded of our loved ones' presence and how they impact our lives and that we are not on this path alone.
R-- and I talked how our cat, Red, behaved strangely that afternoon. He calmly walked through the living room several times, he laid by your feet, and he laid behind you in the foyer. That night he sniffed the carpet where you stood for a long time, then the chair you sat in. He jumped up on the chair and sniffed and eventually rubbed his cheeks on it. He was really drawn to you. Generally he is fearful of men. But he knew you were special.
Thank you, Rick. It was an amazing afternoon, and thank you for sharing your extraordinary gift with the rest of us." ~Cheryl~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:July

"Rick,I enjoyed the session very much. Now as I go over things in my mind I find many things to think about. I did check the shed lock when I got home and it was locked this time but I am certain there will be times when I will find it unlocked. Want you to know that you are greatly appreciated as you have seen our family through a lot." ~Sharron~

A Few Letters From The Month Of:June

"Hi Rick, Words can't express how much I valued our meeting last Thursday night.I am so grateful that I was able to speak with you and reconnect with my dad and great grandmother. The feeling is indescribable on how in almost 11 years, I feel that my dad was able to talk to me in a way that I understood. I feel so close to him and know that he is close! I've always found myself looking for him as if he has ran away or something. We touched on some very hard things pertaining to his death and it definitely brought me clarity.It brings me ease knowing he enjoyed what he did for work as it has always worried me. I miss him so much and am so glad he agreed to join us. Your descriptions were so accurate of him; he is truly a great man. I wish now that I would have invited my fiancť, to the meeting.
I was so overwhelmed after our meeting that I wanted to jump right in with my family members on a few things we had talked about. My grandmother in fact, has a few rosaries from my great grandmother - a few she holds very close to her already. She was excited that I had asked about them and wanted to borrow one for my wedding.
My mom also has kept my dad's wedding ring and has agreed to let me know borrow it for the wedding. I believe she was very touched that I had asked about it. It will be a great comfort knowing that he will be there that day.
As for the validations, I wasn't for sure which paper was intended in my car as my car is filled with plenty of junk but sure enough, there appeared to be a butt print next to my pillow.
Rick, you are truly remarkable. Thank you so much for your advice and reconnection. I'm very much trying to live more positively as I move forward with the job search. And am trying to speak more spiritually with my dad as I know he hears me, at all times. Many many thanks" ~Megan~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: May

"Hello. At our session in May my husband told you that he was going to go with me on my cruise to Alaska and that I would wake up in the middle of the night and look at the clock. The numbers on the clock would have a special meaning for me. Our room had no clock so on the second night I started checking my IPad each time I woke up or thought of it. The first time I looked it said '6:16' which was our anniversary. The second time I looked it said '10:07' - my mother's birthday. The last time I looked it was '11:17' - my husband's mother's birthday. My husband always wanted to come to Alaska so now we are seeing it together. Thanks Rick" ~Cheryl~

"Hi LifesGift Team, It's been over two months since my visit so I apologise for the late follow up. It's still so early since I lost my son, everyday presents a new challenge and my life is full of adjustments. Our visit with Rick was truly amazing and we have shared with everyone just how spot-on Rick was. Everything from my son's mannerisms, body posture, language, personality, sence of humor, cause of death - everything. There were so many validations in Rick's reading, the whole experience was incredible. I don't even bother asking others if they believe in communicating with spirits prior to our visit - simply because I know my loved ones were there with us on that day. I am so thankful to have an opportunity for the reading. I'm definitely going to schedule another session. Until then, take care and God bless." ~Jennifer~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: April

"In regards to our session in April, the session was very informative and interesting as they always are, and put our minds at ease regarding our family. You are very helpful and insightful with our family members who have moved on." ~Shirley~

"Thank you Rick, it was nice to talk with you in my telesession. Yes, I found there was an angel upstairs as you said in our call. have a blessed week." ~Betty~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: March

"I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for another great session. I think the thing that touched me the most was when Rick said I should think of him as my brother. From someone who is an only child, you have no idea how much that meant to me. I received some great messages from my loved ones, as I always have in the past. Each and every time I come for a session, I have been welcomed with op[en arms. That is a very comforting feeling. Thank you again for being so helpful, friendly, supportive and informative. May God bless you in everything and every way you help others." ~Denise~

"It was an awesome experience. I will definitely return. I am still in awe of how my mom and grandparents came through. Thank you so much." ~Denise A.~

"My husband and I met with you a couple of weeks back. After leaving my husband is a believer. He had some hesitation at first but soon seen it with his own eyes. My husband received the message not to shoot the gun he has of his grandparents cause the sights were bent. When we got home he went straight to the safe and sure enough the sights were bent. We were also told that a sign from my mom would be the clock on the wall would stop working, well sure enough about a week later it did. I have finally found a way to hear from my mom. Thank you so much for filling this void in my life." ~Jayme~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: February

"Hi Rick - I wanted to let you know about a validation of something you told me at my group session. You wanted to talk to me about my house and the property surrounding it. In my notes I wrote that you said there is a boy about the age of 7 who is here with my daughter and me. He was kicked in the head by possibly a horse or ox. He did not die right away but died a few days later from his injury. He had told you his name was James.

I started researching my property and the surrounding property more after our session. Here is what I found: The property behind me had once been owned by a family with the last name of Gates. Moses and Hepzibeth were the parents. Moses lived to be 93 years old, dying in 1901. They had 7 children (3 boys and 4 girls). Of the 7 children, I found that one was a boy born in 1842. His name was George W. Gates. He died in 1850 at the age of 8. He died of inflammation of the brain and was ill for four days before dying.
I also wanted to share the validation of another attendee. You were asked about her daughter who has been having spiking fevers and has been in and out of the hospital. Doctors were looking towards juvenile arthritis. However, you kept pointing to your lower stomach, telling her that her daughter would be ok, but it was something in her lower stomach area. Just in the past week she had her daughter at Riley hospital because of her fevers and stomach aching. The doctors are now saying that it is something to do with her kidneys. Anyway, thank you for sharing your gift." ~Rachelle~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: January

"Dear Rick, Thank you for the Session with us. I admit, although I was excited about our appointment I was also apprehensive and a bit skeptical about coming. And when you begin the session with dad coming through and talking about mom, I was still hesitant and leary. By the time we left though, I had completely changed my outlook.
As you said would happen, as I have thought about many things over the weekend, so much of what you said makes even more sense now than it did in the session. And as I came to the knowledge and understanding of these things during the sleepless Friday night, I also experienced the most amazing sensation of a very heavy weight being lifted from me. And as a result, I have been able to let go of guilt, pain, and remorse that I have been carrying for over 16 years, since dad passed away.
Again thank you Rick for our session. Your gift is amazing! The messages you gave me have resulted in peace and joy I havent felt in over 16 years, and I thank you for that." ~Marilyn W.~

"Please tell Rick that he was right. My daughter IS expecting!" ~Sandra B.~

"Good evening. My husband really enjoyed his session with Rick. He feels certain that he connected with his family members on the other side. I have had two readings with Rick, and my feelings are the same. If not for Rick, we would not have a chance to receive such clear message from spirit. Rick is affordable, and just as talented as some of the more expensive mediums. I recommend him to others regularly." ~Rebecca C.~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: December

"Hi Rick, we talked this past Saturday. I wish I could say my ring has moved, but not yet. :) I have listened to our taped session a couple of times and it brings me comfort. I am so glad we met.Thank you" ~Norma~

"My Dear Friend, I am going on day 3 of what you said in the BELIEVE Class Workshop, and when things start getting stressful, I sit in my cube and breathe, it's starting to help! And if any of you guys have not been to his Workshop, your missing out! Thank You So Much Rick!" ~Lisa~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: November

Rick, We just wanted to say thank you for the event tickets. We had a great time as always hearing you speak! I always find it very interesting when sitting in a room full of people that have such great and interesting stories to tell, although some are tragic.
It made me reflect on how we treat one another, sometimes we are not aware of the tragedies and pain of losses other people are walking around with.The walking wounded if you will.......
I will take away from your session, that I need to be more understanding and try to treat others who may seem irritable, or grumpy with a little more kindness.~greg and Jac~

Rick,Thank you so much for the session today.We had such a wonderful time with you and the people you helped us reach. Of course after we left I thought of a million questions that I should have asked to help put my brother at ease. Suffice to say that we will be coming back to see you for another session. So many questions left unasked. Again, thank you so much for what you have done for us. My life the last two years has been a struggle, filled with a desire to be able to speak to my parents and ask them exactly what the hell I am supposed to do about the state that our family is in, and specifically, what can I tell my brother to ease his pain. The session today was a good start on my path to figuring this out!
Hope to see you in the near future!~Tim~

"wanted to say that Rick Hayes ROCKS! Awhile back during the summer when Rick was on our radio show I asked Rick about my job and he said it would be alright somewhere around October.
I just wanted everyone to know Rick was right!! After prolonged probation period I was finally certified in my job in October." ~Bonnie~

A Few Letters From The Month Of: October

"I want to thank you for the telesession we had on October 3. I feel more at peace and comforted after I have had the opportunity to connect with my son. Before his death, I was pretty much ok with things; but now death behooves me and I find myself asking questions and wondering about things I had never before. Losing my son has been very hard as you can imagine, but your selflessness in sharing your gift has lifted me and helped send me on my path without the blockage that might otherwise be present."
With great appreciation,

"Several years ago Rick spoke with a distant cousin of mine. During their session he described a family member that had died. My cousin didn't know the details of my father's death so she didn't know who this person was at the time of the session.
Attempting to explain to her who this man was to her Rick told her he had a daughter who has a son and will have a daughter. The details of the death my cousin had passed on made it shockingly clear this man was my father.
The confusing part was that he said I would have a daughter (even described her saying she would have dark brown curly hair). I had tried for years to have more children, but couldn't. To fast forward... I became extremely ill last year with a still undiagnosed condition leaving me with a damaged heart and 2/3 less hair at 38 years old.
I was quickly losing my fight then oddly I felt a little stronger one day and continued improving (for absolutely no reason my physicians can figure out) then a few weeks later conceived a child. She was born 9/13/2013. I am caucasian with brown curly hair and her father is African American.
She will, most definitely, have dark brown curly hair. She is amazing and I had to say thank you. Given my health issues I would have been terrified of losing her every moment during my pregnancy, but somehow because of that session and the information provided I was able to enjoy the pregnancy instead knowing she was going to make it.
A conversation several years ago provided me comfort in 2013, you have my eternal gratitude!"~Brandee~

What can I say? I attended a session with my BFF. We were both simply blown away! We both looked at each other afterwards and said almost the same thing, about feeling like we were in a time warp. It was so cool. I know that you say I can talk to my mom and dad anytime, and I do, but to hear what they are wanting me to hear through you is the best experience ever. We are already excited for our second session.During this past session, you asked me if I had a car with a lot of miles on it because my dad liked to ride in it. My car's odometer is crazy and reads various mileage at any given time. At one time it read 400 thousand and some miles. The strangest thing is I hadn't driven it the week prior to our visit with you. When I started it up to get gas the next day, the odometer read 600 thousand and some miles, the most it has ever registered. I had to laugh at that. Also, you said my mom sits where the afghan is on the couch, and that she wanted me to open the curtains. When I went in to open the curtains the next morning, there was the afghan right on top of the couch cushion on the right side. Which would make sense, since I always sit in the chair catty-cornered from that seat.Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that we were both thrilled with our session and look forward to attending another.~Joni~

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