Ready to Begin Your Life Directions Journey?

Purchase your Life Directions Program below or call our client services at 812-556-0263. Upon purchase you will be contacted by email or telephone to confirm and schedule setup.


What is the CGC Life Direction Program?
The program is a focused step by step in-depth review of your current core values, targeting your strengths and a planned redirection to strengthen your weaker areas.
The program was created by Rick through research by experts in the field of life coaching, and applying his own unique applications.
The program includes your current life path through creation and review of your Life Cycle report, keys for life success through a book by a renowned author and motivational life coach, and the monthly ‘Achievement Analysis’. You will also receive personal emails through the program from Rick before and after each appointment for direction, motivation, and guidance.

The CGC Life Direction Program, your documentation and information shared is strictly confidential.


Upon completion of your 90 day Life Directions Program, you will receive exclusive access to the Life Directions Library and the Life Directions Chat Room.
The Library is filled with informational and inspirational articles, ebooks, and audio - all for you at anytime.
The Life Directions Chat Room is a custom design online chat room to chat and share ideas and inspiration with other alumni. Rick will be in the chat room from time to time also.

What Are Some Of The Areas Would Rick and I Focus On?
The program focuses on the following life areas:
• Your career life path
• Your Financial Life Path
• Your Health Life Path
• Your Friends/Family Relationships Life Path
• Your Personal Relationships Life Path (marriage, love, etc.)
• Your Personal Growth/Well Being/Spirituality Life Path
• Your Enjoyment Life Path (time for leisure, enjoyment in life, recreation)
• Your Physical Environment Life Path (home life, where you live, etc.)

Can You Give Me Some Examples Of How The Program Has Helped Others?
Your program information is strictly confidential, but here are a few results from those who have been a part of the program:
*Received a job offer in the career field within 30 days.
*Achieved life direction goals that were previously put on the shelf.
*Created a stronger and more loving bond with family.
*Gained confidence that transformed into a new relationship.
*Became healthier with individual focused strategy.

When would my CGC Life Direction Appointments be Scheduled?
The CGC Life Direction program is scheduled for one appointment per month for three consecutive months. Before your first appointment, you will work with client services to establish a convenient appointment schedule. CGC Life Directions are normally scheduled on Mondays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Each appointment will be for 30 minutes – for 3 months.
Your appointments are in the convenience of your home or office via telephone or video SKYPE with Rick.

What Is The Cost?
CGC Life Direction Program: $97 Total Personal settings with rick (via telephone or SKYPE video:3-30 minutes each for 3 months for a total of 90 minutes. Life Directions report and advisement (document to print) received each month via email from Rick after each setting.

I’m Ready For A Life Direction. How Do I Schedule?
Purchase your Life Directions Program below or call our client services at 812-556-0263. Upon purchase you will be contacted by email or telephone to confirm and schedule setup.

*The Life Directions Program is scheduled each month. No staggered scheduling will be available.
*Life Directions Program is for advisement only. LifesGift, Inc. and Rick Hayes is not liable for the actions and decisions of the client or other.
*void where prohibited. other restrictions may apply.

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