What Is A Priority Consultation Request?

A special request to schedule a session consultation (in-person) or telesession consultation (via telephone) within a short time frame from your request

request to schedule a session consultation or telesession on a date/time other than available on the current LifesGift Calendar

What Is The Additional Charge For A Priority Consultation Request?

Upon approval of consultation request date/time by LifesGift Client Services, the $50 Priority Rate will be added to your total consultation rate.

How Do I Request a Priority Consultation?

Just go to http://lifesgift.fullslate.com/and click on the appropriate Priority Session or Priority Telesession.

Any Other Information?

*LifesGift Client Services reserves the right for approval. If unable to approve request, LifesGift Client Services will contact client via email other options for consideration.
*Location for Priority Sessions are to be held at Rick's location only.
*The additional rate of $50 will be added to the standard consultation rates, including Retainer Packages, Group Sessions, LifesGift Gift Certificates, etc. when appilicable.
*all rights reserved. void where prohibited.

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