What is the Retainer Consultation Package?

Many of our client friends choose to schedule more than one session (in person consultation) or telesession (via telephone consultation) per year. The Consultation Retainer Package is designed for added savings. A special discount rate is applied to each package, the more consultations you purchase for the year - the greater the savings!

What types of retainer packages are available?

There are a total of three session packages and three telesession packages available. You choose the package that is best for you. For example, if you believe in the next 12 months you will schedule 2 consultations - you would purchase Retainer Package 1. If you believe you will schedule 4 consultations in the next 12 months, you will purchase Retainer Package 3.

Will I be able to combine the session and telesession retainer packages?

No, but if you believe in the next 12 months you will schedule 2 Telesessions and 2 Sessions - simply purchase the Telesession Retainer Package 1 and the Session Retainer Package 1. An example of course.

How long will my Retainer Consultation Package be for?

12 months from date of purchase. LifesGift Client Services will maintain your date of purchase and will send you via email a 'Reminder' email a few months before your Retainer Package expires to make sure you receive all your benefits.

What are the retainer package prices and how much will I save?

Attendee Confirmed Reservations Rate
1-2 attendees Only

Package 1: (2 session consultations for fiscal year) Total $315
Savings Total: 10%

Package 2: (3 session consultations for fiscal year) Total $462
Savings Total: 12%

Package 3: (4 session consultations for fiscal year) Total $595
Savings Total: 15%

Each Additional Attendee $40.00

TeleSession Consultation Retainer Package
1 attendee only

Package 1: (2 telesessions consultations for fiscal year)$162
Savings Total: 10%

Package 2: (3 telesessions consultations for fiscal year)$230
Savings Total: 12%

Package 3: (4 telesessions consultations for fiscal year)$300.
Savings Total: 15%

How do I purchase a Retainer Consultation package?

To purchase by credit/debit card, simply click on the package you wish to purchase below, or contact LifesGift Client Services via email atConsultation Retainer Package and they will assist you.

Any additional information?

*The Retainer Consultation Package rates are for 1-2 attendees only. If you choose to add any additional attendees to a scheduled session, the standard additional attendee rate will apply.
*Unused balance of the Retainer Consultation Package at the end of the 12 month period will be non-refundable and non-transferable.
*void where prohibited. other restrictions may apply.

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